Lindberg Glasses

Lindberg frames are synonymous with style and quality.

Lindberg frames are synonymous with style and quality. Their designs are pared back and minimalist with clean lines. All Lindberg frames incorporate their iconic patented hinges which are made without screws, rivets or welded parts. Made from titanium, acetate and nylon, they’re renowned for being extremely lightweight, durable and flexible. These qualities make it possible to adjust Lindberg frames to fit your face perfectly. They are made using responsibly sourced and exceptionally durable materials including titanium, gold and platinum and come in a wide range of customisable styles.

Lindberg’s Air Titanium frames were the world’s first rimless glasses made from titanium. Originally designed together with architects Dissing+Weitling, the design has received many awards and accolades over the years. Incredibly light, a pair of Air Titanium glasses weigh as little as 2.7 grams, making them some of the world’s lightest frames. Lindberg has since also designed Titanium Air Rim frames which have a very fine full wire rim. These can be customised with acetate inner rims and temple covers. There are many other Lindberg styles in the collection, with endless possibilities for customisation.

Lindberg offers a precious collection - a premium range of frames which can be made from buffalo horn combined with titanium or precious metals or if you prefer, made entirely from precious metals including white, yellow or black gold. It is also possible to customise these with diamonds.

We stock a range of Lindberg frames for children in our specialist kids department. the frames are perfect for kids of all ages - they may look fine and delicate but they are exceptionally strong.

Lindberg sunglasses are extremely lightweight yet incredibly strong. Made from ultra-light titanium, they are also flexible and offer remarkable comfort. There are numerous options available in terms of colour and material, all custom made to your taste.

We are fortunate to have our own Private Room here in our Chelsea store, the perfect space to help our customers design their own perfect pair of Lindberg frames. Lindberg titanium frames come in 36 different colours and you can combine the colours of the front, temples and temple covers to create your own bespoke Lindberg frames. Each custom frame is hand-finished, individually numbered and engraved with your name – making them truly one of a kind.