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How to choose the right frames

We’re different from most online or high street opticians. We don’t currently sell any frames online as we believe it takes specialist knowledge and expertise to help our patients find frames that fit well and provide optimal vision.

Many companies create graphic guides for their customers to help them choose frames based on the shape of their face. For example, someone with a round face may be encouraged to choose frames that are more angular in design.

Here at Auerbach & Steele, we do it differently. Our highly qualified dispensing opticians can help you find the perfect frames depending on several factors.

We believe glasses should frame your eyes (the very thing they’re supporting), not your face. This is That’s why we don’t make sweeping assumptions that certain frames will automatically suit because you have a certain face shape. Rather than simply sharing a guide online, we work in-person, face to face to recommend a frame that’s uniquely right for you. We look at your defining features - the shape of your eyebrows and perhaps your cheekbones - in order to help choose the frames that will suit you best.

The process begins with a detailed briefing from our optometrist following the eye examination. The dispensing optician will be given details of the prescription and any other information that might be helpful when choosing frames.

It’s vital that your frames are suitable for the type of prescription lenses you require. For example, certain frames may not be suitable for varifocal lenses. The dispensing optician will be able to advise on frame options appropriate for you depending on your prescription. We always ensure that your new glasses offer you the best field of vision possible.

Whether you are looking to change your look altogether or perhaps have a big event coming up that necessitates a different frame, we can help you find a look that works for you. We love this part of the process!

A dedicated team member works closely with you to understand your preferences and requirements. And don’t worry if you don’t have any particular styles in mind, we can help you narrow down the options available in store.

It’s important to us that you don’t feel rushed in the slightest. We allocate plenty of time for a dispensing optician to help you choose new frames at your leisure. We have worked with countless customers throughout our 26 years in business and have honed our skills to create a highly tailored approach to finding the perfect pair of frames for you.

Once we have carefully selected a range of frames that work with your prescription and your features, we then determine whether the fit will be right in terms of comfort and vision.

For maximum comfort and stability, your frames must sit well on the bridge of your nose and feel comfortable on your temples and around your ears.

We only stock frames made by artisan suppliers who specialize in handcrafting them from the highest quality materials. It means they can be adjusted to fit perfectly and comfortably, the colours remain vibrant and they are durable. They are also offered in a wider range of sizes than those typically available at high street opticians.

In addition, we have our own laboratory here in the store and we can make any necessary adjustments to your frames. It’s common for a little bit of movement to occur once you begin to wear them – we are always on hand to help with minor adjustments should they ever be required.

We believe that dispensing frames requires skill and experience. That’s why all of our dispensing opticians are fully qualified and are subject to ongoing training to ensure their skills are up to date. We believe this very personal service is what sets us apart and has resulted in enduring, trusted relationships with our lifelong patients.

Glasses are one of, if not the first thing, that you notice about someone - just as vital as your favourite handbag or pair of shoes. Whether you want something a little more subtle, or a striking statement pair, Auerbach & Steele has all the expertise needed to help find the perfect frames for you.