Top floor

Our team

We employ some of the best in the business. Our three optometrists are subject to programmes of continuing education and further qualifications, including to Masters degree level. We are incredibly lucky to have a very loyal team, with some of the original members still here, 27 years after we first opened our doors.

Unlike many of the larger chains, every single team member has a recognised optical qualification. And unlike most smaller opticians, we normally have a minimum of five members of the team on the shop floor at any one time. We never want our customers to feel rushed during the eye examination or indeed, when choosing those all-important frames.

Our heritage

We first set up practice in 1996, just a few doors down from our current home. Founded by Gail Steele and her then partner David Auerbach, the store quickly gained a reputation for offering the coolest, most sought after frames in London. Gail still runs the show and is present in the store most days. A trained optician, she is passionate about eye care and beautiful frames.

Our philosophy

We like to think of ourselves as no ordinary optician. We are proudly independent. Our clinical excellence is second to none. We stock frames we love. We employ and train and reward a team that loves working here. We give our customers the time they need to make unhurried decisions. We have built longstanding relationships with them and they value our very personal approach and the continuity of care they receive. In fact, their word of mouth recommendations mean we do little to advertise our products and our services. High praise indeed.