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What is dry eye syndrome?

Dry eye is a condition that is becoming increasingly prevalent. In fact, it affects one in four people in the UK. The widespread use of air conditioning, central heating and increasingly, the amount of time we spend looking at screens, has led to this increase.

The tears we produce usually lubricate the eye. Sometimes we don’t produce enough lubricating tears or the ones we produce are poor quality. This leads to dryness of the front of the eye and irritation as a result. To stop the irritation, the eye then produces watery tears but without the lubricating element, the relief is short lived.

It’s a condition that becomes more common as we age and can also be caused by hormonal changes and various autoimmune diseases. Cold and windy weather can exacerbate the condition as well as dusty, dry conditions.

If your eyes feel gritty and irritated, do book an appointment with your usual optometrist who can advise on the best treatment for you.