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The hazards of driving in low winter sun

Startling statistics recently published by the Department of Transport show there have been nearly 34,000 casualties over the past 10 years where glare from sunlight has been a contributing factor.

Furthermore, a recent poll conducted by Glasses Direct in partnership with Transitions, surveyed 2,000 UK drivers, of which nearly 50% were legally required by law to wear prescription glasses when driving. Results from the survey show that 14% of drivers had been involved in a collision or near-miss because of impaired vision from sun glare.

Almost three-quarters of the respondents admitted to regularly wearing non-prescription sunglasses to drive during the day, despite more than one in three saying they struggled to see clearly when driving with standard sunglasses.

We strongly recommend having a pair of prescription sunglasses made when new or updated prescription spectacles are purchased. As well as making your vision more comfortable in the sun, sunglasses protect your eyes from UV damage.

Our sunglasses can be made to your prescription and customised with coloured and / or mirrored lenses. We offer a wide selection of tinted lenses, whether you are looking for full or gradient colours.

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