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What is digital eye strain?

The use of digital devices has surged since the start of the pandemic. Remote working has led to increased screen time and the prevalence of smart phones and of course, social media, means that the use of digital screens has become part of everyday life.

Our optometrists have seen an increase in patients presenting with symptoms related to digital eye strain. Many of us spend hours staring at screens, taking fewer breaks and blinking less often. This can lead to headaches, tired or sore eyes, blurred vision, difficulty concentrating and dry eyes.

Our optometrists recommend positioning your computer screen an arm’s length from your face and taking regular breaks: gazing twenty feet into the distance for twenty seconds every twenty minutes. Try to blink regularly and position your screen to avoid glare or bright reflections. If you wear spectacles or have been advised to wear glasses for screen use, we have a range of lens options tailored to your needs.

Our lenses come with an anti-reflective coating as standard that helps to reduce reflections and glare. This can also be upgraded to a blue light coating, which filters out blue light.

Whilst eye strain can be unpleasant, having regular eye examinations is important in understanding how to manage our eye health in a digitally demanding era.

If you have any questions related to your eye health or are experiencing symptoms of eye strain, please arrange an appointment to see your optometrist.