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EYEVAN is a Japanese eyewear brand known for producing high quality, stylish eyewear since its launch in 1972.

EYEVAN was Japan’s first fashion eyewear brand with its concept of ‘eyewear for dressing as a fashion accessory’. Designed and produced entirely in Japan, EYEVAN eyewear became popular amongst Japanese students and artists. In 1985 the brand was successfully launched in the United States, gaining acclaim for both design and craftsmanship. The brand quickly gained popularity with celebrities, including Madonna and Princess Diana.

EYEVAN’s design philosophy is based on the concept of ‘discreet elegance’; eyewear that is both stylish and understated, allowing the wearer’s personality to shine though. Design inspiration comes from EYEVAN’s archive containing a myriad of objects from vintage eyewear and telescopes to hand mirrors and old tools collected by the original design team.

EYEVAN uses only the finest materials in its eyewear, including Japanese acetate, titanium and stainless steel.

Their acetate frames are handcrafted in Japan by skilled artisans, ensuring that each pair is of the highest quality. The frames are then hand polished, giving them a luxurious feel and a glossy finish.

The brand’s metal frames are crafted using cutting-edge technology, including laser-cutting and CNC milling. This allows for precise shaping and finishing of the frames, resulting in eyewear that is both lightweight and durable. Our team is always impressed by their impeccable form.

EYEVAN is committed to sustainable and ethical practices, The brand uses environmentally friendly materials whenever possible and works closed with its suppliers to ensure that their practices align with their own values.

In 2013, EVEVAN’s new design team reconstructed the brand EYEVAN 7285. One of the most popular collections from EYEVAN, it takes its name from the brand's founding year combined with its launch in the USA. This collection features a range of vintage-inspired designs that have been updated for a modern audience. The frames in this collection are characterized by their clean lines, subtle details, and high-quality materials. EYEVAN 7285 frames are made by master craftsmen using state-of-the-art machine tools. Each frame goes through nearly 400 processes, resulting in a frame that is more like a work of art than an industrial product.

EYEVAN has earned a reputation for creating some of the most stylish and high-quality eyewear in the world. With its focus on discreet elegance and its commitment to sustainable and ethical practices, we know EYEVAN eyewear will continue to be very popular with our discerning customers here at Auerbach & Steele.

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