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For over a century, Masunaga Optical has been crafting exceptional eyewear. The company began manufacturing frames in the Fukui Prefecture in 1905.

Masunaga’s company founder, Gozaemon Masunaga, wanted to establish a thriving optical industry in Fukui so brought in skilled craftsmen from Osaka and Tokyo. However, the eyewear produced at the time was regarded as poor quality.

In an effort to change this, Gozaemon decided to establish a guild-like system, where fully fledged craftsmen could create their own businesses. This initiative proved successful, with a steady increase in the numbers of highly skilled craftsmen settling in the region over time, firmly sealing Fukui’s global reputation. Today, Fukui is one of largest production regions for optical frames in the world: 97% of Japanese-made optical frames are manufactured in the region.

Since its foundation, the company policy of Masunaga has been to make the best possible product, irrespective of the cost: the company has always been prepared to accept a temporary reversal in profits when quality is at stake and this policy remains in force to this day.

There are as many as 200 manual processes involved in making an optical frame. Masunaga Optical is the only company in Japan that owns a factory that manages all processes from raw materials to production to finishing.

Their integrated production system ensures that attention to detail and quality is maintained. It also makes for a highly efficient production process. For example, moulds for new models are built in-house and can be altered quickly should this be required.

Masunaga has garnered many awards since its foundation including several coveted Silmo Eyewear Awards and is now recognized throughout the world as an industry leader.

The company continues to develop new designs to meet new needs, but they guarantee one thing will remain constant―Masunaga quality.

The craftsmanship, the use of exquisite materials and the beautiful design of each element from their distinctive rivets to the seven-barrel hinges means this brand continues to attract a loyal following.

We’re honoured to stock this coveted brand here in our King’s Road store. Should you need any further information about our collection of Masunaga frames, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can also book an appointment for an eye examination or to visit us in store – or simply pop in.