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Contemporary Belgian eyewear brand MATTTEW was founded almost a decade ago by Matthieu Duchene. Born in South Korea, Matthieu moved to Belgium at an early age and went on to study architectural design at the prestigious visual arts & architecture school, Le Cambre, in Brussels.

His interest and passion for eyewear inspired him to write a thesis on the subject as part of his studies. Matthieu has always had a particular interest in materials, shapes and manufacturing processes, both artisanal and industrial – a methodical and meticulous fascination that would more closely resemble that of a sculptor.

After his studies, Matthieu spent four years designing eyewear for major brands followed by a stint in an eyewear manufacturing plant in Jura, the home of the French eyewear manufacturing industry. An intensive period of research followed including detailed market analysis before he decided to finally launch his own brand, MATTTEW.

Manufactured in the Jura region near the French-Swiss border, MATTTEW eyewear is handcrafted in France and made from high-quality acetate, stainless steel or pure titanium. Architecture inspires and influences the designs. As colour is central to the right frame, much time and effort is put into testing and selecting colours for each collection. MATTTEW glasses undergo a rigorous design and production process, ensuring that each one is precision-made.

Matthieu firmly believes that glasses should be more than simply an aid for improved vision. Rather, they should become part of your wider wardrobe, each pair a different aesthetic or colour that works with a particular outfit: a statement of personal style. MATTTEW frames exude humour and warmth and come in a wide range of colours and finishes.

We’re delighted to be one of a limited number of London stockists of this unique brand. Our customers love MATTTEW’s structural, sculptural designs that are effortlessly cool yet understated. Just pop into the practice to browse the collection or click here to book an eye examination. Any questions for us, please do get in touch.