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Founded in Berlin in 2003, the first MYKITA premises were part of a former children’s day care centre, called ‘Kita’ in German. This inspired not only the name My Kita, but also the company’s culture of curiosity and play.

Unable to find suitable eyewear manufacturing facilities in Berlin at the time, the decision was made to set up production in-house. Developing their own tools and processes to meet MYKITA’s exacting design requirements has since become a principle of how the company operates and one of their greatest assets. At its heart, their ‘modern manufactory’ is the combination of specialised craftsmanship and adapted new technologies.

The first MYKITA collection featured an openly displayed spiral hinge, a mechanical solution that became an incidental styling element and a hallmark of MYKITA frames. This original patented hinge represents the guiding principle for design at MYKITA: the technical solution must also be aesthetically pleasing.

The MYKITA design team consists of both product designers and technical engineers, resulting in frames that are characteristically modern and made with exceptional materials. The unmistakable MYKITA aesthetic demonstrates integrity towards materials and construction, as well as the individual artistry of the craftsmen.

MYKITA frames have graced the faces of a host of celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Meghan Markle. The brand has a devoted following amongst our customers here at Auerbach & Steele on the King’s Road, Chelsea.

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