Children's Eye Tests

The Eye Examination

We understand that getting your first pair of glasses can be a daunting experience for a young person and of course, their parents. Identifying any issues early is crucial and we strongly recommend having your children’s eyes tested annually - it’s as important as taking them to the dentist every year!

Here at Auerbach & Steele, we have a specialist children’s department and our optometrists are highly skilled and have years of experience carrying out children’s eye tests. We have been treating many of our children throughout their childhood and continue to see them as adults. We like to ensure that our younger patients have continuity of care and we try to ensure that they see the same optometrist on each visit.

The College of Optometrists states that treatment for a lazy eye is most effective before the age of seven. This condition is often hereditary and is not always immediately obvious. Furthermore, one in five teenagers is myopic or short sighted, with the condition usually starting between the ages of six to thirteen. Headaches and squinting may be signs of a problem with children’s eyesight. An annual eye examination means conditions can be identified and treated early.

We are accredited to fit myopia control ophthalmic lenses and contact lenses.

To deliver a good experience for your little ones, we use eye charts featuring objects rather than letters for those who cannot yet read and we make testing fun by using specially designed games. Most importantly, we take the time to look at each child holistically.

Children’s eyes are also far more susceptible to UV damage than adults because the clear lens in their eyes is not yet fully formed. This allows 70% more UV rays to reach the back of the eye, causing permanent damage. Wearing sunglasses regularly when young can prevent UV related eye issues developing later in life. Auerbach & Steele offers a host of colourful, fun and quirky sunglasses for our younger customers and can also fit sunglass lenses in our optical frames too.

Booking an annual eye test is the best way to identify any underlying concerns about your child’s vision. The children’s eye tests we provide in our Chelsea based clinic are tailored to each individual child’s needs and have led to enduring relationships with our younger customers that extend well into their adult life.

Please contact our team and we will arrange a convenient time for you to bring your little one in to be seen in our children’s eye clinic. We will carefully talk you through the process, making sure you are fully informed about both the eye exam and the selection of children’s frames, should they be required.