Contact Lenses

Our Contact Lens Service

We offer a comprehensive contact lens service here at Auerbach & Steele.

We usually reserve a one-hour consultation for an initial contact lens appointment. During this consultation, we will discuss your reasons for choosing contact lenses and how frequently you plan to wear them. This, coupled with the results of your eye test, helps determine the right lens for you.

Because we are independent, we are not limited in the choice of lenses we can recommend. We source the best lenses for your particular requirements, made from the latest materials from well-known international manufacturers. When you collect your lenses, our fully qualified dispensing opticians show you how to fit and remove them in our custom-built teaching area. We ensure you only leave when you feel totally comfortable with the process. And if you need a little more help, we’re only too happy to oblige.

Your optometrist will ask you to come in for your contact lens check-up wearing your lenses, having worn them for a reasonable length of time (usually 7-10 days for daily lenses or 3-4 weeks for monthly lenses). During the check-up, your optometrist will ask if you are having any issues with your lenses, and how long you wear them for. They will check your vision and examine your eyes. They will also put orange dye in your eyes, which will allow them to look at your tears and see any damage the lenses may be causing to your cornea. (The dye is completely harmless and will not damage your eyes or your lenses.)

After your check up, you will be handed over to one of our fully qualified dispensing opticians who can talk you through the benefits of joining our direct debit scheme for seamless delivery of lenses or they can advise how to order them on a pay as you go basis.

It’s important to have an annual checkup if you wear contact lenses. At this visit we will conduct a full eye examination and we ask you to attend this exam wearing your contact lenses. We will review your current lenses to ensure you are wearing the most up to date lenses possible. Contact lens manufacturers are constantly expanding the parameter range so annual reviews are important to ensure optimum vision.

We offer a wide range of contact lenses here at Auerbach & Steele including multifocal contact lenses and rigid gas permeable lenses. We also offer MiSIGHT Myopic control contact lenses for children that can help slow the progression of short sightedness (Myopia) in children.

Multifocal contact lenses are contact lenses with multiple prescriptions all in one lens. There is typically a prescription for very close objects, one prescription for normal objects viewed at a distance, and then prescriptions for intermediate distances. Typically, patients over 45 will require multi focal contact lenses.

We still fit and supply rigid gas permeable lenses (RGP) for some patients. They can provide a healthier option for long-term full-time wear than soft contact lenses in particular cases. They are better at correcting corneal irregularities thereby providing an optimum level of vision.

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