Eye Examinations, Chelsea

Private Eye Examinations for Adults & Children

We offer private eye examinations for adults and children in London. We have three state-of-the art consulting rooms including a fully accessible consulting room on the ground floor of our eye exam clinic. A full eye examination will take approximately forty minutes, sometimes longer if further tests are needed.

Our optometrists will test your sight and check the health of your eyes. This process involves finding out about your general health, personal and family medical history and your lifestyle, including your experience with glasses and contact lenses prior to your visit to Auerbach & Steele. We will thoroughly assess the health of your eyes by examining them both internally and externally. If more tests are indeed required, we have the most advanced equipment and technology to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

We invest heavily in the latest technology, recently purchasing the latest cutting edge Spectralis OCT scanner on the market. It uses cutting-edge technology to look more closely at your retina.

We carry out visual field tests as standard during our eye examinations. A visual field test is a way to measure your entire visual field—the range of what you can see above, below, and on either side of you while your gaze is fixed on a central point directly in front of you. It can identify blind spots as well as loss of peripheral (side) vision that can be an indicator of glaucoma.

If you experience any sudden changes in your vision, please contact us and we can conduct an emergency eye examination. Sudden loss of vision, pain or the appearance of persistent floaters or flashing lights should be checked by an optometrist as soon as possible in order to determine the cause of the condition and advise on the best course of action.

The private eye exams we offer at Auerbach & Steele are underpinned by years of training and experience in optometry, providing outstanding eye treatment on a daily basis.

Our highly skilled optometrists are subject to programmes of continuing education and further qualifications to constantly develop their skills, ensuring they stay abreast of new technologies and advanced approaches to eye treatment.

Here at Auerbach & Steele, we are committed to ensuring our customers feel supported and informed at all stages of their eye examination and ongoing eye treatment and we take pride in ensuring we deliver the highest levels of customer service.

Appointments for eye examinations are strongly recommended so please call ahead or click here to book in advance.