SALT. Optics Glasses London

SALT. Optics Glasses at Auerbach & Steele, Chelsea

SALT. is a premium eyewear company from the Californian coast. The Salt Optics brand is heavily influenced by nature, hence its name, which is an acronym for Sea, Air, Land, and their Timeless connection. This inspiration is infused beautifully into their products: all of nature’s stunning shapes, details, and colours can be seen throughout the Salt Optics frames.

The company was founded in 2006 by David Rose and Taylor Whisenand, both former Quiksilver surfers, and business partner Ron Smith. David who prior to launching SALT., was the lead designer at Oliver Peoples, designs frames that are influenced by surfing and the active lifestyle it implies.

SALT. frames are entirely handmade in Japan by artisan craftsmen. The company has long-lasting relationships with Japanese manufacturers who still use some of the traditional tools and processes that were used 50 years ago. Attention to detail is paramount and exacting standards are enforced. SALT. eyeglass frames are made with riveted hinges which can be easily adjusted and repaired over time.

The company is committed to using only the most premium, handmade cellulose acetate in the world. The Japanese acetate used is created from cotton seeds and wood pulp, which allows it to be hypoallergenic and sustainable. The company partners with Takiron Rowland, a Japanese acetate factory that’s been producing handmade acetate for the better part of 100 years. In addition, SALT. eyeglasses are crafted using 100% Japanese aerospace-grade titanium which provides an incredible strength to weight ratio, giving even bold frames a featherweight feel.

SALT. Optics sunglasses come with polarised lenses and a range of coatings that help reduce glare, repel dirt and water, and diffuse harmful light rays, ensuring optimal vision.

Here at Auerbach & Steele, we can also fit your SALT. optical frames or sunglasses with prescription lenses. We offer expert eye examinations with highly qualified optometrists, using the latest technology. For SALT. prescription glasses, and all other brands on offer, we use the highest quality lenses from world-renowned manufacturers and offer a range of specialist coatings to meet your needs. Of course, anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings come as standard here at Auerbach & Steele.

The understated style and elegance of SALT. eye frames appeal to many of our customers here at Auerbach & Steele. They appreciate the clean lines, classic styling, and timeless designs that continue to remain relevant throughout the decades. The SALT. Optics prices are more than justified for the premium quality of their product and are happily paid by our customers who count on them as a staple accessory for years to come.

Why not let one of our experienced dispensing opticians help you find the perfect pair of SALT. Optics glasses frames here in our Chelsea store? And if it’s been a while since your last eye examination, we offer expert private eye examinations for adults and children.

We have three state-of-the-art consulting rooms including a fully accessible consulting room on the ground floor of our eye exam clinic. We will thoroughly assess the health of your eyes by examining them both internally and externally. If more tests are indeed required, we have the most advanced equipment and technology to ensure an accurate diagnosis. Please book an appointment with us ahead of time.