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The Telegraph: Look sharp with a pair of statement glasses

Our founder, Gail Steele, was interviewed this weekend by Tamara Abraham, Fashion Editor at the Telegraph.

Gail was asked for advice on choosing the perfect pair of frames. She is passionate about eyewear and firmly believes that buying glasses should be seen in the same way as buying shoes or handbags: we choose different shoes depending on the occasion or activity. Glasses are the most visible accessory – they are right in the middle of your face, changing your look instantly and as a result, how you are perceived. Yet most spectacle wearers only have one pair. She would encourage spectacle wearers to build an optical wardrobe over time, investing in frames that offer variety and flexibility.

Gail recognises that buying eyewear can be daunting but believes that’s where the advice of an expert dispensing optician becomes invaluable. As she says “A wall of specs can all look very similar, and a professional can see the subtle differences. After somebody’s tried one or two frames on, we know exactly how they’re going to fit, so we can guide you towards things that sit in the right place.”

If you’d like some advice on choosing the perfect pair of frames, do book a style consultation and we’ll help you through the process.