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AHLEM was launched in 2014 by Paris-born, Los Angeles-based designer Ahlem Manai-Platt. Following a ten-year career in fashion, the loss of a favourite pair of vintage sunglasses led Manai-Platt to found her own eyewear brand.

Just three years after launch, her move into eyewear was recognised by the esteemed Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and Vogue Magazine went on to name her as an emerging designer.

The AHLEM eyewear range focuses on quality handcraftsmanship through simplicity and close attention to detail. This rigorous attention to detail, insistence on exceptional materials, commitment to sustainable methods, and an abiding obsession with arts and culture combine to inform AHLEM’s vision. The timeless applications of early 20th century Bauhaus design principles are of particular resonance and serve as a consistent aesthetic reference.

Each pair of AHLEM glasses tells a story of artisanal expertise: Throughout production, glasses travel to three specialized ateliers and into the hands of nine skilled artisans, each with a particular craft passed down through generations. Maintaining a fierce loyalty to these artisans and preserving their knowledge and traditions is core to AHLEM’s mission.

Concern for sustainability and the environment is more than a platitude—it’s fundamental to AHLEM’s brand identity and values.

AHLEM’s small-batch, artisan glasses are built for longevity in both style and fabrication. They believe that simple, elegant designs executed in superior materials will produce objects that can last a lifetime. To maintain the highest standard of quality and to minimize waste and emissions, their production runs are capped at 300 pieces. AHLEM brings a minimalist approach to packaging, to eliminate anything a client would throw away at home. Every piece of packaging for their products is reusable in everyday life.

Each pair is named after the various arrondissements (or districts) of the French capital and the company produces a limited number of frames in each design and colourway, evolving the collection every few months.

The subtle details in each frame, precise attention in the design, and the handmade craftsmanship are noticeable. Materials are selected for lifetime durability and quality. Palladium, 22k gold, and cellulose acetate are all natural.

We are very proud to be one of the first stockists of this heirloom quality brand here in our Chelsea store. The beautifully crafted frames have proved to be very popular with our customers who appreciate the timeless designs and evident quality.

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