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Hoffman Natural Eyewear

Hoffmann Natural Eyewear is a family-owned business that has made quality eyewear for over three decades. The company specialises in the production of handmade, sustainable optical frames and sunglasses.

The Hoffmann atelier was founded in Germany by Josef Hoffmann. His early frames were made from natural horn. Not only was he fascinated by this beautiful material, but he also soon realised natural horn is the ideal material for constructing spectacle frames. Today, 90 people work for the Hoffmann brand and their frames are available in more than 50 countries all over the world.

Hoffmann Natural Eyewear is designed for those who relish their individuality. The frames are unobtrusive, allowing the customers’ personality and style to shine through without the brand becoming the focus. As a result, logos on the exterior of the frame have been deliberately omitted. It’s all about understatement as a statement - the focus is always on the personality of the wearer.

Hoffmann customers are quality conscious individualists – those who choose to wear brand neutral yet exclusive spectacles. Those who favour the brand without being overshadowed by it. It is this approach which has attracted loyal followers from all walks of life including artists, designers and photographers as well as those in the public eye including celebrities and politicians.

Hoffmann Natural Eyewear is inspired by nature. And it is nature too that provides the material for the frames. The company’s ethical production practices and commitment to environmental protection are impressive.

We are proud to stock Hoffman‘s stunning collection of natural horn optical frames and sunglasses here at Auerbach & Steele. Natural horn has many benefits: the material is lightweight, yet strong and durable. Natural horn is also hypoallergenic, making it great for those who suffer from allergies.

Hoffmann Natural Eyewear uses the horn of the Asian water buffalo for its natural horn frames. As the buffalo is honoured and protected in its native lands, the horn only becomes available after the natural demise of the animal. In addition, the horn shavings, which are a by-product of the frame-making process, can be used as a natural fertilizer.

Natural horn is also unique, with each piece featuring its own colour, pattern, and texture which makes every pair of glasses one of a kind. Furthermore, natural horn frames are comfortable and can be easily adjusted to fit your face.

Each and every Hoffmann frame is 100% handcrafted in Germany by Hoffmann’s master craftspeople. Their extensive experience and eye for detail ensures each frame is a unique masterpiece. As each frame is crafted by hand, they can also be customised to suit your particular requirements, resulting in a frame that is entirely unique to you. We can adjust them to accommodate a larger lens, change the nose pads, attach longer sides and change the colours– it’s all part of the Hoffmann bespoke service.

We are very excited to introduce this exclusive collection to our Chelsea store and would be delighted to show you the range in person. If you require an eye examination, just click here to book in advance. Our team looks forward to welcoming you to our King’s Road practice in the near future.