Luxury Eyewear Brands and Unrivalled Service

Our Luxury Collections


LINDBERG’s precious collection is a premium range of eyewear which is customised to your exact requirement – the ultimate in eyewear luxury. You can choose from buffalo horn combined with titanium or precious metals or if you prefer, frames crafted entirely from precious metals including white, yellow or black gold. Frames in this collection can also be customised with diamonds.

In our First Floor Private Room, we can help our customers design bespoke frames, perfectly matched to their particular requirements. LINDBERG titanium frames come in 36 different colours and you can combine the colours of the front, temples and temple covers to create your own bespoke frame. Each custom frame is hand-finished, individually numbered and engraved with your name – making them truly one of a kind.

AHLEM Eyewear

AHLEM’s small-batch, artisan frames are built for longevity, both in terms of style and construction. AHLEM believe that simple, elegant designs executed in superior materials will produce objects that can last a lifetime.

Each luxury glasses frame is named after the various arrondissements (or districts) of the French capital and the company produces a limited number of frames in each design and colourway, evolving the collection every few months.

The subtle details in each frame, precise attention in the design, and the handmade craftsmanship are noticeable. Materials are selected for lifetime durability, and quality. Palladium, 22-carat gold, and cellulose acetate are all natural.

We are very proud to be one of the first stockists of this heirloom quality collection here in our Chelsea store. The beautifully crafted frames have proved to be very popular with our customers who appreciate the timeless designs and evident quality.

AKONI Eyewear

Founded in 2020, AKONI Eyewear is the eponymous sunglass and optical brand from the Swiss-based AKONI Group. Made from the highest-quality materials by Japanese master artisans, AKONI eyewear appeals to discerning customers who appreciate timeless design and exceptional quality.

Inspiration for the collection comes from the sophisticated artistry and extraordinary detail found in collectable wristwatches and writing instruments. A close examination of each AKONI frame reveals the intricate and distinctive detailing that is the hallmark of the brand.

AKONI eyewear is made in one of Japan’s oldest and finest production facilities by expert craftspeople, utilizing a combination of time-honoured and cutting-edge production techniques.

AKONI Eyewear offers the perfect combination of classic styling and modern aesthetics. This wonderful collection of luxury eyewear is now available to view here in our Chelsea store.

The Silhouette Luxury Collection: Atelier & Elegance

Available in 18-carat gold combined with fine hand-set gemstones, Atelier eyewear from Silhouette offers the best of both worlds: innovative technologies and traditional handcraftsmanship. All models in the Silhouette Atelier Collection are crafted from solid 18-carat yellow, white or rose gold, with either a hand-polished or brushed surface finish. Hand-picked gemstones or inlaid wood form the finishing touches of these exceptional frames.

Each frame in the Elegance Collection is finished with 23-carat gold.

The combination of shimmering and matte surfaces creates an unmistakably unique visual impact. These extraordinary frames are crafted in Austria and offer a contemporary, minimalist aesthetic.


DITA was founded by LA residents and lifelong friends John Juniper and Jeff Solorio in 1995, with a mission to create innovative and high-quality eyewear. Since its inception, DITA has focused on perfecting the art of eyewear.

It takes months to craft a single frame to the exacting manufacturing and design standards demanded by the company. Balancing both traditional and modern techniques, a DITA frame can involve up to 320 separate production steps.

Crafted from an array of premium materials such as gold-plated titanium and hard-wearing acetate, the collection features sleek, oversized frames with gold detailing and retro references.

Frames are made using one of the highest grades of beta-titanium, which is thin, durable and extremely flexible and weighs a third less than steel. DITA acetate frames are made using a proprietary tumbling process to achieve a beautiful finish, using some of the highest quality acetate available. Designed with parts that are removable and replaceable, DITA frames use assembled hinges for ultimate longevity.

We are proud to be a selected stockist of this luxury brand here in our premium store in Chelsea, London. DITA today has a cult-like following and is a must-have accessory for many celebrities, musicians, athletes and fashion industry insiders around the world.


Founded in Berlin in 2003, the first MYKITA premises were part of a former children’s day care centre, called ‘Kita’ in German. This inspired not only the name My Kita, but also the company’s culture of curiosity and play.

Unable to find suitable eyewear manufacturing facilities in Berlin at the time, the decision was made to set up production in-house. Developing their own tools and processes to meet MYKITA’s exacting design requirements has since become a principle of how the company operates and one of their greatest assets. At its heart, their ‘modern manufactory’ is the combination of specialised craftsmanship and adapted new technologies.

The first MYKITA collection featured an openly displayed spiral hinge, a mechanical solution that became an incidental styling element and a hallmark of MYKITA frames. This original patented hinge represents the guiding principle for design at MYKITA: the technical solution must also be aesthetically pleasing.

The MYKITA design team consists of both product designers and technical engineers, resulting in frames that are characteristically modern and made with exceptional materials. The unmistakable MYKITA aesthetic demonstrates integrity towards materials and construction, as well as the individual artistry of the craftsmen.

MYKITA frames have graced the faces of a host of celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Meghan Markle. The brand has a devoted following amongst our customers here on the King’s Road in Chelsea.

Barton Perreira

Bill Barton and Patty Perreira founded the brand in 2006, having previously worked for Oliver Peoples. The pair decided to venture out on their own, in pursuit of creative freedom and independence, following the sale of Oliver Peoples.

The brand represents a casual California approach to luxury, based on precise craftsmanship and bringing high-end materials together with innovative designs.

From the outset, the vision of Barton Perreira was to make products without compromise. Barton Perreira frames are based on couture craftsmanship, superior quality, and an impeccable fit.

Barton Perreira optical frames and sunglasses feature premium materials sourced from the finest suppliers. Every piece of timeless luxury eyewear is handmade in Japan and takes weeks to refine. The brand relies on pure Japanese titanium with no composites to construct the most durable frames on the market.

With the recent high profile Barton Perreira James Bond 007 collection and collaborations with Opening Ceremony and Chloe Sevigny, the brand continues to attract a wealth of discerning celebrities and is a firm favourite amongst our customers who appreciate weightless comfort and upscale style.

Blake Kuwahara

Blake Kuwahara is recognised as one of the pre-eminent designers in eyewear. With a doctorate in Optometry from UC Berkeley, he was the man behind the creation and design of KATA Eyewear, a brand recognised for using innovative engineering and production techniques to create texture and detail.

He was inspired to design and produce his own eyewear collection after a friend complimented the designer on some prototype specs he happened to be wearing. Having found it hard to find a pair herself that were stylish yet understated, she encouraged Blake to design his own range of sunglasses and optical frames which he subsequently launched in Autumn 2014.

The simple but sleek designs focus primarily on Blake’s unique frame-in-frame design, an inner silhouette which is encased in a fresh and unexpected outer shape. The colours of the frame appear to ‘float’ in this innovative sculpted design.

The double-layer acetate frames take roughly nine months to produce, and every angle and curvature—not to mention the sharp 45-degree cut at the hinges—is both thoughtful and precise. The line is entirely hand-crafted in Japan.

Blake Kuwahara has received many awards for his eyewear designs and the brand has established itself as a favourite on the celebrity circuit. His frames are worn by a host of celebrities including Brad Pitt, Samuel L. Jackson and Charlize Theron.

Loved by our fashion-forward professional customers, Blake Kuwahara frames are beautifully handcrafted from the finest materials.


Berlin-based Kuboraum creates avant-garde eyewear, referring to each frame as a mask. The name ‘Kuboraum’ means cubic room and each mask offers shelter and the ability to look at the world through two lenses.

The brand was founded in Berlin by artist, sculptor, and designer Livio Graziottin and anthropologist and brand director Sergio Eusebi. The pair met in Berlin in 2009 and began working together, in the rooms of a former post office on the border between East and West Berlin.

Whilst it was originally established as an art gallery, the space quickly became the place where ideas and new projects were generated and today houses the studio, showroom and the flagship Kuboraum store.

The duo oversees every aspect of the brand, from design to brand identity, image to communication, photo to video productions and from installations to interior design projects.

Their first collection of five models launched in 2012, with each piece aesthetically dramatically different to the typical design of eyewear at that time. Featuring bold, structural forms inspired by contemporary art and timeless craftsmanship, Kuboraum masks have adorned the faces of numerous celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, Elton John, Kate Winslet and Justin Bieber.

Each frame is designed in Berlin whilst the traditional, artisanal production takes place in Italy: dreamed in Berlin and handmade in Italy. Using only the finest materials, consideration of the human and environmental impact of production is a priority.

We are thrilled to be one of only a handful of stockists of this unique and highly sought-after brand in London and we would love to show you some of the collection when you are next in Chelsea, SW3.